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Gradient Field HOG Update 

Every so often we get contacted about algorithms our group (lead by Dr. John Collomosse) have implemented. Due to a recent request I have updated the files downloadable for the implementation of Gradient Field HOG, little changes to make it easier. Included additionally is the Windows dependent libraries to make it a little to compile and run the code. 

Available from:image

Posted by Stuart James Tuesday, December 31, 2013 12:36:00 AM Categories: Computer Vision Publication Retrieval Software

Rotor Style Skeleton Browser 

A while ago I found a paper from a research project called MediaMill. They presented a technique for viewing different facets of video content in a windmill fashion. Recently I was exploring how we could visualise skeletons and thought would give the technique a try, here is a screenshot of a basic approach:




In this example each joint (of which there are 10) is represented on a “blade”. This very simple example visualise joint variation a better approach would to measure the distance between the body and variations on a specific joint but hey was just a sample.



To see more about different video browsers see the MediaMill project

See related Rotor Browser papers at ICME or CIVR from 2007.

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Easy tool for evaluation of images datasets, where recall isn’t an option 

Often when doing image dataset evaluation you want a quick easy way to either see how different descriptors perform or just get an evaluation measure for your system. Well I have created a tool to be able to do the former. This is a simple tool so you can select images, if that image appears in another descriptors results it is auto-magically highlighted to avoid bias or mistake. As you scroll the query image stays with you and finally you can upload a relevance result for each descriptor to the server.



Of course to use this requires you being able to ping against my server so isn’t for public use, but is quite fun to play around with javascript and see how easy although painful it can be to create GUI’s for distributed use.

Friday, June 1, 2012 6:50:00 PM Categories: Evaluation Retrieval WebDev
Stuart James