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Skeletons from Sketches of Dancing Poses paper for VL/HCC 2012 Demo 

I have put together a quick demo for the upcoming conference. Sadly I wont be there to present the work but the main author Manuel J. Fonseca from IST is going to be there.




Give it a play and let us know what you think. This is a heuristic approach to parsing of sketched postures into a skeleton.

Paper Details and Demo from:

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BMVC 2012 

After helping as a “Student Helper” (aka Helen’s Minion) for this week at BMVC 2012, I thought would post up a few shots taken over the week. We had a photographer there so haven't taken too many but to give you a taster of the conference.

BMVC Conference Reception

Conference Reception Inside Guildford Cathedral


BMVC T-Shirt

BMVC Helper T-Shirt Back, Surrey last hosted in ‘93!


BMVC Our gracious hosts

Our gracious hosts minus Krystian welcoming us to Brooklands Museum


BMVC Looking around the Brooklands

Looking around the Brooklands




BMVC Brooklands Engine Room

Engine room with moving parts!


BMVC Conference Banquet

Conference Banquet

BMVC Andrew Fitzgibbon   BMVC John Illingworth

Andrew Fitzgibbon introducing John Illingworth as BMVA Distinguished Fellow


BMVC2013 Bristol

Finally get ready for next year, BMVC 2013 hosted by University of Bristol

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Stuart James