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Wolfram Programming Cloud Beta goes live 

Wolfram Alpha is incredibly useful source of information, when it was announced they would produce a flexible programming cloud it was of great interest to me. With the release I jumped on to see what it was like.

So I played around with a few examples under their free account to see what was possible, then after 5 minutes I thought I would try to put a mini demo up for this blog post. The functionality is quite powerful exploiting rich social media structures, looks really impressive and something I would be interested in exploiting, but as soon as I tried to do something simple I got this:


Where I would draw your attention to:


So well the free account is useless… better luck next time Wolfram you didn’t get me addicted to this!

Posted by Stuart James Tuesday, June 24, 2014 2:30:20 PM Categories: API Programming Software Web WebDev

Gradient Field HOG Update 

Every so often we get contacted about algorithms our group (lead by Dr. John Collomosse) have implemented. Due to a recent request I have updated the files downloadable for the implementation of Gradient Field HOG, little changes to make it easier. Included additionally is the Windows dependent libraries to make it a little to compile and run the code. 

Available from:image

Posted by Stuart James Tuesday, December 31, 2013 12:36:00 AM Categories: Computer Vision Publication Retrieval Software

VirtualBox Windows 8.1 Upgrade -- don't forget the settings 

I run a few VM's on my workstation to perform different tasks one is a Windows 8 dev box, I finally got around to upgrading it. So checked all updates were done and then went to the store to get an error message I think is somewhat unusual.

Virtual Box 8.1 Upgrade Error

Sorry, you can't install the update because it isn't supported by your computer's CPU.

So quick search online didn't yeild any obvious results and a simple setting came to mind that may fix it. When choosing your VM you select your version of Windows so after switching it to 8.1 it worked magically (well not magically but you get my point).

Virtual Box - 8.1 Update Error Fix

Then nipping back into the Windows Store and all works fine. Message of the day -- thinking a little helps!

Windows 8.1 -- Virtual Box After Fix



Posted by Stuart James Friday, November 1, 2013 3:13:00 PM Categories: HowTo Software Tech Windows8
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