My PRE-GAMING Xbox One Experience


So I woke up today, and saw my delivery was at the depot in reading when I refreshed an hour later it was in Burpham Guildford! I find it a shame I don’t live at my old address that is pretty much at the bottom of the marker in the shot above.

So I waited… debated about doing an animated gif of the truck driving away…

Xbox_One_Delivery_2 Xbox_One_Delivery_3

Promptly realised I hadn’t taken the same sized screen cut each time… so went back to work to await my delivery

With the arrival of Dead Rising 3 (via Royal Mail standard post) Pixel took possession


How is this an optimised route? Drive past customers to double back? Maybe could see a east and west Guildford but he literally drove past the end of my road…



(Yes I realise I am abusing the “…”)

And here is Xbox One!



Spot on a nice gesture


Pretty hard to see in the photo but says “Hello from Seattle” nice touch!

And that is my Xbox pre-gaming experience, will complete an actual review once have got a proper handle on the console.

Posted by Stuart James Friday, November 22, 2013 12:48:08 PM
Stuart James