Research Fellow at University of Surrey working on Charting the Digital Lifespan -- a big social data classification task through the fusion of social image and comments while exploring the social implications. I am also working towards the end of PhD exploring how Visual Narratives (Free-Hand sketched storyboards) can be used for Video Retrieval and Synthesis. Contributions involving approaches for Sketch based Video retrieval and Dance Choreography Synthesis. 

Member of several professional membership including ACM(Student), IEEE(Student), BCS(Professional); additionally part of specialist groups in research related fields. Peer reviewer for BMVC Conference and Computers & Graphics Journal. 

Visited INESC-ID in 2013 for internship looking at how Sketched Visual Narrative driven dance choreographic synthesis could integrate the user into the synthesis of new video sequences. Completed transfer from MPhil to PhD Candidate in May 2011. Previously attended the University of Hull where completed a BSc in Computer Science with Games Development(2:1).  

Additionally working for JCS Technology for over 10 years as IT Manager. Previously worked as a teaching assistant for University of Surrey in several courses including the subjects of Computer Vision and Programming. Worked at University of Hull during completing bachelors as a representative to new students.


I run regularly and I'm currently training to run a 10k in Weston-super-Mare (Hometown) in April 2014. I try to boulder as much as I can, with the aim to develop it into outdoor climbing later this year, with grand plans to go Ice Climbing in 2015. 

I enjoy board games and play regularly with friends all over the world. Games particularly enjoy include Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Small Worlds and Carcassone. I also have an eclectic taste in movies.

This year brings to the close my PhD, therefore I have plans to travel far and wide, visiting many of the friends I have made during my studies. This is to include a trip from Guildford to Istanbul.