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Visualise the output of .dot file using GraphViz / dot (Linux) 

Something I managed to miss from earlier Graph related posts, was how to visualise the graph using GraphViz

With your output .dot file you can simply call:

dot -Tps -o

Will generate ps file for the jpg version you can simply modify the line to:

dot -Tjpeg -o outfile.jpg

Simple an easy?

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S3 Push and Pull – Backup a EC2 Instance or just some data 

I stumbled across a great tool to just push and pull data from an S3 bucket last week wrapped into one light weight executable. Requires .NET 2.0 or Mono so on Linux becomes a little heavy weight.


So start by pulling down the latest version:


So to get started you need to configure your bucket, this is stored in the registry so you will need to consider the security implications, but it does allow you to set a password. For simplicity I’ll avoid this and assume that you don't mind it being visible to users/hackers!

Navigate to where you downloaded and  run the command

s3 auth




As you can see you get the option to password protect or not is easy and hopefully there isn’t any problems following this through to configure your bucket ID and Key.


Now you are ready to start shifting some data!

s3 get <bucket [/folder]> <path>

Some good options are

/backup /sync /nogui

Should be fairly clear what these options do.

If you still are a little stuck try this for a full set of options.

s3 help
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