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Why I am a resolution junky 

I have been coding for many years now (scarily > 15 years), I have always aimed to get higher and higher resolution screens or alternatively multiple screens. Sadly as mentioned in an earlier blog post the computer I am using at the moment is a desktop replacement laptop with a dying screen so I purchased a 27" 2560x1440, not quite my laptops 3200x1800 but still pretty reasonable and great for late night coding! The above is an example of me geeking out, library coding and demo/test rig coding in parallel

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New Toys Sept’14 Part 1 of 2 – BenQ BL2710PT 27” WQHD 

After having my beast of a desktop replacement laptop (ASUS n73sv) for a few years now the screen has become a bit temperamental. This and the fact I am using Lenovo Yoga2 Pro ultra book more and more (due to portability/screen res) has resulted in a void in powerful home processing.

Therefore I felt to solve this problem I would get a beefy screen to allow me to work more comfortably at home and in theory write more of my thesis (instead of this blog… shh). I wanted something above the 1920x1080 resolution, since I know that two screens isn’t an option used in conjunction with the old ASUS. Two competitors came to the fore the BenQ BL2710PT and a Dell, oddly the Dell had very bad reversed when used over HDMI and you have to do a lot of hard work to get over the locked down 1080p. So I opted for the BenQ and am very happy with the results.

The BenQ BL2710PT 27”

No one would ever say this is a beautiful monitor, but they would say it is very functional. It does what it needs and has wonderful colour and good true-blacks. Although my graphics card wasn’t over the moon about running at 1440 after a little convincing was happy to run 1440 @ 55Hz (don’t ask why not 60, I couldn’t coax it into getting up to that). I read some reviews of the equivalent Dell that you can only get 30Hz over HDMI with some converters and that it is fine if you increase the mouse rate, that is complete rubbish it feels laggy at 30Hz for a production machine it is simply not good enough.

The one criticism I have is the inbuilt speakers, they are pretty terrible (not that I have had much good experience with in screen-speakers). You have to remember this is marketed as a CAD monitor so you wouldn’t expect this to be a high interest feature. The addition of 2 USB3 ports on this side of the screen is a nice touch very useful extending out your storage options.

Some kind of conclusion

It is hard to have a decisive exciting conclusion from a screen, it does what it is supposed to. Would I opt for two monitors over this definitely, if you don’t have that as an option or you want to watch movies in bed then this is a great screen for you to get that extra screen estate. The only real hurdle to this screen is price, at £400 it is steep especially when you think a 1080 screen will set you back £150, a couple of those comes in a lot cheaper for more screen real-estate.

I do know there are some entry level UltraHD( 3840x2160 ) screens often these are locked to 30Hz. Ignoring that issue, I simply didn’t need it my GPU was being pushed to max-resolution poor little GeForce 560m so I opted to save the money and probably get a better UHD screen later when I get something to power it.

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VirtualBox Windows 8.1 Upgrade -- don't forget the settings 

I run a few VM's on my workstation to perform different tasks one is a Windows 8 dev box, I finally got around to upgrading it. So checked all updates were done and then went to the store to get an error message I think is somewhat unusual.

Virtual Box 8.1 Upgrade Error

Sorry, you can't install the update because it isn't supported by your computer's CPU.

So quick search online didn't yeild any obvious results and a simple setting came to mind that may fix it. When choosing your VM you select your version of Windows so after switching it to 8.1 it worked magically (well not magically but you get my point).

Virtual Box - 8.1 Update Error Fix

Then nipping back into the Windows Store and all works fine. Message of the day -- thinking a little helps!

Windows 8.1 -- Virtual Box After Fix



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