IDE Experiments

Visual Studio

I have been a Visual Studio user for many years so trying out Visual Studio 11, isn’t a big surprise. I like the restyle that VS11 has received doesn’t encourage me to run out and get add-on to get VS theme add-on. As for C++ coding sadly I haven't had much time to see what the changes are but general functionality seems more stable such as intelligence, highlighting and the right click goto  definition. This functionality was broken in Visual Studio 2010, taking forever to find a definition in the same file. I also noticed a considerable improvement in compilation time, rebuild of my un-optimised(e.g. not precompiled header) library was greatly improved.


Example code: clapack

Aptana Studio (for PHP and JS)

I have started doing increasing amounts of web development for projects I am working on. Writing mark-up tools search systems and generally are all Ajax enabled with DOM. All my backend API is written in PHP although I may get tempted to change this at some point, but writing and managing the code has been a bit of a pain. Visual Studio has little(via add on) to no support for PHP and most other tools have out-dated versions of support for JS and HTML, not including the HTML5 draft standard. No obvious IDE has resorted in me abusing editors like notepad, programmers notepad, gedit, geany although all great for editing files not really designed for proper coding.

So over time I have played with a few different IDE’s including Eclipse with add-ons. Never really settling into one that I liked for long and often returning back to my trusty friends the editors. But I think I may have found a hit, Aptana Studio (modded eclipse) seems to be a nice environment for writing JS code especially.


Example code: secret-ish project ;)

A lot of functionality works well, auto complete function descriptions jump to file. Oh and good layout of windows (always a must in my book). Works through the multiple languages html,js,php so is a nice IDE. I have to use it for a few more weeks but I think this one is a keeper!

Saturday, May 26, 2012 10:17:06 AM Categories: C IDE Programming Software Tech WebDev
Stuart James