mojoPortal Inline Editing, easy user content editing!

I have always liked the style of mojoPortal making it easy to understand what you are editing. The approach is quite in contrast to other CMS where you end up with a front house and back house style system, mojoPortal does a nice job of merging this.

With version it gets even better with inline editing, so for example take my home home page.



If you have completed the update and if you have CKEditor as your content editor you will notice little locks appearing on your page when in content editor view


If you click the lock, it will unlock(image), you can then click on the content for editing and your page will look like this:



Now if this isn’t easy for users to understand what is? Well done mojoPortal for integration of another useful feature.

Posted by Stuart James Sunday, March 17, 2013 12:10:47 PM
Stuart James