Read (aka Listened) Books of 2013

2013 I really found my stride with audiobooks, having started the year previous I listened got through a collection of books averaging one complete book a month for the year. This may not seem like much, I know a lot of people read a book a week or even a night, but for me this a dramatic jump on probably one every 3-4 years.

I thought I would try to highlight some of the books I enjoyed reading and would recommend to anyone with similar interests to me that is interested in reading a little more




Ready Player One

Year Zero

Fuzzy Nation

This is a great read with so much geek nostalgia. Recommendation from friend and I already recommend to my friends (was even given as gift on recommendation). The plot is really gripping but don’t want to give it away so just read!This is a really interesting take on copyright infringement and how in a Sci-fi world it can have interesting consequences.Sentient or not? Gripping read about the fight of a species against the corporate machine. Also I don't want to say more than this but “dog” + “explosives” its worth reading to find out what I mean!


After reviewing and selecting these as my favourite books read over the last year, I realised they are all Sci-Fi so I thought I would list of non-fiction. My first choice of these probably should of come in the top 3 above probably on par with Ready Player One…




Ghost in the Wires

A Short History of Nearly Everything

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Anyone with an interest in Computing, and therefore watched the Hackers movies (mandatory geek watching). Should read this is a really interesting read about Kevin Mitnick (Again Geeks should know who this is). This is a slight cheat pick, since I read the end of last year but this is just such a good read, covering science from the microscopic to the universe. Is a great review and very well read by William Roberts. Pseudo-Psychology books have become a little hobby off mine, I find it interesting to think about how we think and how in some cases we can manipulate to get better performance. This was a relaxing read with somewhat of a story to string it all together; making it a lot more casual than a lot of Psychology books.


Finally, my most over-hyped book, you could argue that I was a fool to read in the first place but I felt was worth exploring and was publicly reviewed quite well.

Steve Jobs: The Exclusive Biography

This I felt was a poorly constructed book with in my opinion little exclusive content. Although I am not a particular fan of apple products since they don't suit my needs, I am impressed by Steve Jobs contribution to the technology industry. This however I felt was not far off a string of press statements. Wrapped up with some anecdotes to pass the time.


Finally I would like to draw your attention to two places, Good Reads which not only provided the cover imagery for this post but also provides a great way to explore related books and find people with similar interests. Although I am not very active on this site I would recommend and would welcome additional friends (in the loose sense of the word). Secondly Audible, which I couldn’t of read as much over the last year without!




Posted by Stuart James Wednesday, January 1, 2014 6:27:59 PM
Stuart James