Surface (1) RT 8.1 Upgrade Tips

This week I finally did the Windows 8.1 update on my Surface RT 1st generation, it went well took a while so be prepared for a couple of ours process to update your tablet but, it doesn't much user engagement to complete this.


  • Clear out well everything -- The only thing I hit before upgrading was space issues I had to clear out quite a lot of my own junk to provide enough space to do the download something I found a little annoying was the lack of definition of how much space


  • Clean-Up -- I recommend after you have done the update make sure you go into clean-up tool in Administrator Tools the reason is simple

Disk Cleanup Windows 8.1

Thats 5.72 gb of recovered space!

  • Unlock Some more Start menu screen estate -- Charms Bar (Swipe from Right) -> Personalise -> Show More Tiles

More Tiles 8.1

  • Keep 3gb Free -- Skydrive wont sync if you have less than 3gb on your primary (C:\) drive.
Posted by Stuart James Friday, October 25, 2013 2:07:00 PM Categories: Microsoft Windows8
Stuart James