Windows Intune a must for SMB administrators

With the push of large amount of cloud services from many different vendors it takes time to explore and see what is now available. Today I did a brief excursion into Windows Intune.

Intune provides system administrators to monitor computers within their organisation. Allowing you to install software from a common pool force policies and keep an eye on computers that may be coming to the end of their life or just short on storage.

I am just getting started but thought would share some screenshots.

Admin Panel


Some computer hardware info:


User web view (I do love the tiles layout to be clean and elegant):


I have done some experiments adding up an installer to the cloud storage is easy to do, and seems to work quite well. If you have a pool of computers seems like a nice offering. I had looked into alternatives such as that provided by LogMeIn, but the price point is a bit of a put off and the integration was somewhat limited.

I have still to get my Surface or other mobile devices into Intune, but sure will get some nice info out of the 30 day trial that will probably turn into a tool inside the company’s IT I manage(JCS Technology).

Sunday, January 27, 2013 3:55:00 PM Categories: Microsoft Tech
Stuart James